Anggi Paramitha Siregar <3 music & traveling. If you expect to find good written matters, you'd better leave and find another. Cheers! :)


Kinda sooo much excited, be wondering and asking everything in mind, yet a bit nervous of course. Can’t wait to make new friends, start a wonderful new journey, and get a lot of experience. Hope the first day and the next following days will be great! Amiin,

Dadanya rasanya sakit banget. Kaya ada yg diambil. Perut mual rasanya pengen muntah terus menerus. Tenggorokan tercekat. Entah ini apa namanya, sedih banget aja kayanya ga cukup.

So many things to be prepared…

Booking a hotel room for my family’s one-night stay; finding the best make up artist & hair stylist then getting it booked for me and mom at the right place, time, and price of course; buying my accessories (necklace, earrings, ring, and bracelet); finding any costume for the wisnite; etc. Kinda brain racking yet exciting! ;D

Today is the day when I’m supposed to get all of my left responsibilities done. Since I am unable to update anything neither on twitter nor on LINE due to some unexplainable causes, I’m gonna flood your tumblr dashboard. Hahaa enjoy, guys! ;)