Anggi Paramitha Siregar <3 music & traveling. If you expect to find good written matters, you'd better leave and find another. Cheers! :)

So many things to be prepared…

Booking a hotel room for my family’s one-night stay; finding the best make up artist & hair stylist then getting it booked for me and mom at the right place, time, and price of course; buying my accessories (necklace, earrings, ring, and bracelet); finding any costume for the wisnite; etc. Kinda brain racking yet exciting! ;D

Today is the day when I’m supposed to get all of my left responsibilities done. Since I am unable to update anything neither on twitter nor on LINE due to some unexplainable causes, I’m gonna flood your tumblr dashboard. Hahaa enjoy, guys! ;)


Yihaaa, new tumblr template! :D I hope I could be more excited about posting more and more nice things on my tumblr.

Anyway, I’ve found a looot of great things on the internet. Yeah, I’ve got most of their links from any people on facebook. It’s really nice to share some of them with everyone. However, I found that I may overcrowd anyone’s timeline if I repost all of them. Sooo now, I’ve decided to repost some of them on my tumblr instead of facebook. Why? Because it’s my tumblr and I believe I have my own right about my tumblr, don’t I? Moreover, I also believe that there’s no unreasonable judgment allowed in tumblr. Am I right? In other words, I have the right to post whatever I like and all of my readers (if there’s any…) and it’s not necessary for me to worry about what others may think about me as noone knows me better than I do.

Okaaay, without any further due, please welcome my great things I’ll let you know. I hope you’d find them as great as I do :D